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This Fidget Spinner-Filled Rube Goldberg Machine Has the Perfect Ending

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With millions of them churned out at the height of spinner-mania, fidget spinners are going to be around for a long time after the fad has faded, whether you like it or not. So it’s good to see people finding alternate uses for the novelty widgets, like building complex Rube Goldberg machines that end with

Edward Snowden: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as ‘social media’

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Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden ripped Facebook in a tweet Saturday after the social media giant suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm which worked worked for President Trump’s campaign. Facebook accused the firm on Friday of not deleting data it had improperly harvested from Facebook users, which number in the tens of millions,

Older adults’ difficulties with focusing can be used to help put a face to a name — ScienceDaily

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Everyone has experienced the awkward situation of meeting someone and then forgetting their name shortly after. Among older adults, this happens more often than not. Researchers have discovered a new method to resolve this problem by tapping into a natural memory change during aging. — Read on

This 3D Printed House Goes Up in a Day for Under $10,000

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Last week at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, construction technologies startup ICON and housing nonprofit New Story unveiled their version of a 3D printed house. It went from zero to finished in under 24 hours and cost less than $10,000. Equivalent homes built in developing countries will cost a mere $4,000 each. — Read