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What’s This?

My Project

This is still a rough draft…

I started this project  by cutting, pasting and saving articles from the internet.   … Every few days I reviewed the new entries and selected those most engaging/appealing to both myself and each other. I used Wikipedia (among other sites) as the glue to develop  and foster(?) these affinities.

What I see emerging is  several separate related clusters that potentially could coalesce (?) into coherent and engaging(?) characters and their  subjects. (interests …  Some of these characters appear to be emergent artifacts of the articles themselves and others are more fictionalized characters based on my work as a clinical psychologist.

This site is currently undergoing a major redesign.

A sister project is called Elaborations. It is a narrative exploration of the therapeutic possibilities of the internet. It contains fictionalized characters based on my professional work as a clinical psychologist.

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